Strategy Partners

CC Tseng 

  The founder of Creating Resources Capital Management Co., Ltd., Chairman CC Tseng, received the Master Degree of Applied Chemistry from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, has more than 20 years of industrial management experience spanning semiconductor, new energy industry, traditional electromechanical industry, aviation industry, hotel industry, investment, finance , Tourism management and the latest blockchain technology. He previously served as Chief Operating Officer/General Manager of Far Eastern Air Transport, Executive Director of Taipei City Air Transport Association, Director of Sanshin Bank, Director of Listed Company Dajia Yonghe Machinery Company, General Manager of Lux Co., Ltd., United Mirco Electronics Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Baolin Technology, Associate of Taiwan Da Nippon Printing, Taiwan DuPont Mask Manager, etc.

  Creating Resources Capital Management corporate business areas include: operating strategy planning for investors and companies in Asia and the Greater China market, equity value investment planning, IPO counseling, art asset allocation, and blockchain application. The purpose of the company is to integrate the industrial advantages of both sides of the strait and create resources for enterprises.

 In recent years, the investment of Hong Kong and Macao residents in Taiwan has increased. The reason is that Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are similar in geographical location, living habits, language and writing, and Taiwan’s leisurely pace of life, etc. Chairman Tseng has Taiwan’s industrial operations experience for more than 20 years. We can provide the most appropriate investment advice for Hong Kong and Macao residents to invest in Taiwan. Really come to Taiwan to invest and integrate into Taiwan's local business environment.