About US

About us

  Attorney Du, Attorney Pan  and team members jointly formed Mega Law Group in April 2019. At this stage, it is a "Joint Office" law firm. Lawyers have their own independence in receiving and handling cases, but they also In specific complex or large-scale cases, they can give full play to timely and full cooperation and mutual support, and provide legal services in a way that is most beneficial to the benefit of the parties, and maximize the effectiveness. Since its establishment, Mega Law Group has established the goal of all-aspects legal services. It is a comprehensive joint office with innovation and experience, focusing on the needs and future of various legal services.

  The practice areas of the firm cover all non-litigation and litigation areas, including general civil, criminal and administrative litigation, commercial matters, family matters, securities and investment, cross-border legal services and dispute resolution, blockchain startup counseling, government agencies project execution, as well as legal services for foreigners, Hong Kong and Macao investment in Taiwan and industrial business connections , etc., have rich professional experience and outstanding achievements.
  The firm has always adhered to the core service philosophy of "Innovation, Efficiency, Quality, and Trust", providing customers with accurate legal opinions and strategic suggestions, taking into account cost efficiency and risk considerations, and always taking the best interests of customers is the most consideration of our firm.